Endorsements & Comments


Sande & John, I just wanted to send you out a quick email thanking you for all your help throughout the whole puppy purchase process we feel extremely lucky to have found Mustain Kennels.  As for Swish I can not say enough on how happy we are with her, our car ride went great she was very calm no whining no accidents simply put perfect !  She has got to be the most calm, gentle, loved to be held puppy I have ever met.  We are having no house potty issues and she is sleeping in her kennel with the door open in my daughters room all night without issue.  We kept to feeding her three times a day and she has goes poop at 6:00 Am and 3:00 PM every day.  I will keep you and John posted.  Thanks 
- Mike D.

"Donna and I are thrilled with our Small Munsterlander puppy we received from Mustain Kennels.  Millie has a great bloodline and is clearly a well adjusted young dog.  We met John and Sande along with their dogs at Pheasant Fest in Kansas City and put our name on a waiting list.  Communication with John and Sande has been excellent.  When we picked up Millie, we were able to see their clean and well maintained kennel facilities as well as the care and love they provide their dogs.  They are clearly caring and dedicated breeders that put the welfare of their dogs on the top of their to-do list."
- Zack M.

"It's easy for me to write a recommendation for Mustain Kennels.  Moonie is absolutely perfect.  I believe that is the result of excellent breeding (you can't make a silk purse from a sows ear) but also the lovely environment. You know how to do "litters."  Moonie had a sweet mother, her litter mates, grown dogs, a home with treats, a kennel and a yard the size of Texas.  She thrived and came ready to bloom."
- Jody S.

 "I recently purchased a Small Munsterlander pup from Mustain Kennels and throughout the process, I was kept informed about the pregnancy and its progress.  I appreciated that info!  John and Sande were great help in arranging pickup of pup.  A classy and caring operation with great dogs!  If in the market for one of these, I can wholeheartedly recommend this kennel and its owners."  
- Alan W. 

"When I first contacted John and Sande Mustain I was full of specific questions about Small Munsterlanders and they didn’t know me from Adam.  Nevertheless, they took the time to patiently answer every question and keep me informed as to the timing of potential litters and traits they expected from specific pairings.  We were always communicated with in the warmest fashion and that solidified our feeling that Mustain Kennels was the right source for us .
When it finally came to be our turn to get a Mustain pup Sande kept us in the loop and informed from the day the pups were born until the day we picked our boy up, and he is a stunning dog. When it came time to fly out to pick him up John and Sande welcomed me into their home like a friend and were very generous with their time and knowledge, even sending me off with a thoughtful and unexpected care package. I also got to watch as Sande kept track of the puppies that had already shipped off, making sure they landed safely and on time with no glitches, and most importantly with no undue trauma. The joy they get from their dogs is palpable as is the hope that you walk away with the same joy and passion about your Small Munsterlander when you take one of their pups home.
Whenever possible, our dealings in the world of Small Munsterlanders will include or funnel through Mustain Kennels from here on out. The world of Small Munsterlander breeders in the U.S. is small and conscientious, they all seem to hold one another to high standards. Mustain Kennels upholds that standard with not just discipline and pride, but love and joy as well. We couldn’t be more pleased."
- A.J. & Mickie H.

"Thank you very much for your follow up.  I will wait for your pups to be available. You are very thorough and you have great follow up. I really feel that this will be reflected in the quality of your dogs!!!!"  
- Rob W.

"Munsters are definitely #1 on my list, and Mustain Kennels is too. Your prompt, thorough and caring responses make me feel very confident about the care you put into your dogs."
- Gordon M.

"Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday about the possibility of getting an SM pup. Even though you did not have any available, your referral to Kris Hill was phenomenal.  She did have a female available and we will get her tomorrow.  The fact that you referred me to her shows that SM breeders are a close knit community that really wants to do what is best for the breed, not just what is best for their own pocketbooks!"
- Dan M.

"You are the most awesome breeders that I know and your dogs are blessed to be with you. Every single video and post that you make of your dogs show just how much you love them. I have been in rescue work for a very long time and I have seen the good and the bad. Mustain Kennels is awesome!
- Monica G. (via FB)

"I took Ally on a preserve hunt yesterday with a buddy and we had them put quail out and she was so beautiful on point.  I have owned a Brittany and a Setter and would put that against any of them.  Ally was so intense.  There were some quail in standing milo that were running like crazy.  She would hold a point until I fully kicked in front of her and verbally released her and then she would chase them down and do it (sometimes pointing the same bird 3 or 4 times) again until we got them up.I know breed comparisons are difficult but Ally has had far less formal training than the other two dogs that were sent away for a couple months each to "schoool".  Whatever she was born with sure has worked.  She is my first dog that will hunt downed game effectively and is the easiest dog to manage in the field.  I rarely direct or talk and just let her do her thing as her distance and checking in manners are awesome."
- Eric C.