Our dogs

Brushedale's All Guns Blazing (Call Name - "Angus")


Angus is a calm and well mannered dog in the house who is happiest when he’s laying close to John. He is gentle with the other dogs and family members, loving and very laid back.  Angus has an abundance of patiece with children or stangers who want to pet him, grab him or hug him in shopping malls or stores as well as at home. However, his sweet nature changes dramatically in the field where Angus becomes an intense hunter, nose to the ground with a beautiful point, tail straight up and feathered. Angus is a quick learner and is eager to please and passed his NAVHDA Natural Abilty Test when he was 12 months old with a Prize I. Angus is certified by the SMCNA as an approved breeding dog and his distinguished pedigree and fierce hunting abilities make him a sought-after SMCNA-approved stud dog.

Family history

Gunwood’s Gypsy Annalise V Hemi (Call Name – “Ani”)

 June 15, 2011 - March 12, 2014

Ani was the “perfect dog” and was sometimes used during conformation training because of her perfect proportions and Small Munsterlander features. She was also extremely intelligent and understood almost immediately what was expected of her – whether at obedience training or working in the field - rarely did she have to be told twice before she “got it.” But the "perfect dog" turned into a savage hunter in the field, where she became a relentless tracker and retriever. Ani rarely tracked with her nose to the ground, rather she lifted her nose and smelled the air, and would then run towards the prey. Ani easily scored a 112, Prize I on her NAVHDA Natural Abilty Test when she was only 10 months old. Sadly, Ani developed a rare form of bone cancer which was not genetic or common in Small Munsterlanders, and died at 2.5 years old. However, she did give birth to 12 beautiful puppies before she died, and we kept one of the pups, Asia von Annalise, who reminds us of Ani everyday.

Family history

Hunting Hill’s Uma Abigale (Call Name – “Abi”)

Born April 10th, 2013

Abi is Miss Personality Plus. She is high energy and relentless in the field - she can go all day and never wants to stop. At home, Abi is a sweet and loving dog who likes to snuggle in bed, play fetch and is eager to please, catching on quickly to new commands and expectations. Abi looks very similar to her grandmother Hunting Hills Lexi, with her beautiful roan coloring and like her parents and grandparents, she is a champion in the making. Abi has proved herself quick to catch on to all training and was ready to take her NAVHDA Natural Ability test at 6 months but we decided to wait until she was a little older to officially test her and she scored a Prize I on her NAVHDA Natural Ability test the first time.  Abi loves the water and she is as good a hunter/tracker/retriever as Angus who is a few years older. Abi is approved by the SMCNA for breeding and has produced 4 litters to date.  She is truly a beautiful, exceptional dog.

Family history

Mustain's Asia von Annalise (Call Name - "Asia")


Born January 12, 2014 from Mustain's A-Litter

Asia is from our A litter between Ani our “perfect dog” and Castiron’s Flying Jet and she is very much like her mother and reminds us of Ani everyday.  But Asia is not the princess her mother was – she’s a rough and tumble tomboy who is probably the goofball of the bunch.  She is very vocal like a Husky and is also a tattle-tail.  She will come running up to us and whine and "talk" to us until we follow her and then it’s usually to find one of the younger dogs into something they shouldn’t be, and she’ll sit as I scold the bad dog and almost nod her head, as if to say “I told you so.” 

Asia is a true athlete and is always very anxious to learn tricks and perform, and also loves to do agility work so we’ve been taking her to agility classes and she just excels -  she loves to learn new moves and compete.  When she was getting evaluatted for breeding her judges remarked about how "muscled" she was.  She’s also very friendly as all our dogs are and loves attention from people when we’re out – she will nose her way to the front of the pack so she can get petted first and tries to hog all the attention!  

But in the field and water she becomes a relentless hunter like her mother, and she’s also inherited her mother’s gift of “air tracking” – Asia doesn’t track with her nose to the ground, rather she lifts her nose in the air and smells, and then runs towards the prey.  Asia easily scored a  perfect 112, Prize I on her NAVHDA Natural Abilty Test and is an amazing companion and hunter.

Asia had her hips tested by the PennHip method when she was 18 months old and her results were .2 on her left side and .16 on her right which means her hips are tighter than over 90% of all dogs in this group in the US.  She is also the second lowest scoring Small Munsterlander in the SMCNA which means her chances of getting any type of hip dysplasia or osteo arthrisis when she gets older are almost zero percent. This also means pups she will produce are more likely to be free from any hip dysplasia or hip disease as well.  


Our A-Litter won a Breeder's Award from the SMCNA.  

Robingun's Daenerys Storm von Etta (Call Name - "Daeny")

Born October 27, 2014

Daeny is from Robingun's "D" litter and came to our home from Nebraska just before Christmas 2014. She has an extremely sweet, mellow personality but at the same time is so intelligent it is scary! Her mother Etta was imported from Germany and her father Aico's semen was imported from the Netherlands, and the combination has produced an incredible Small Munsterlander! At less than 3 months old Daeny has already tracked and held steady on point for birds, is completely potty trained, fetches to hand and loves to ride in her kennel in the truck. She is quiet, never whines or cries, sits when offered a treat, knows her name and comes running when called! She is such an easy to train puppy and such a joy to own that we may have to make a trip to the Netherlands and get a few more of these!



Rocky is our Danish import from Svalegaardsen's Kleiner Kennel, owner/breeder Rasmus Mikkelsen Thuesen.  Rocky is an outstanding male with beautiful coloring and very dark brown eyes.  He is so sweet and loving and very smart.  He immediately got the other dogs to fall in love with him and all the girls love to play with him - he especially likes to lay on the floor and wrestle.  Although still just a pup, he's learning quickly and loves to fetch and is already pointing birds - still working on retrieving!   We are so very happy to have Rocky in our family!  


Timber Trail's Emma (Call Name - "Emmie")

Born October 3, 2014

Emmie came from Timber Trails Kennel in Connecticut and although she is still a young pup, she is exhibing strong alpha traits already! Emmie is not afraid of the older dogs, and will stand nose to nose with our 4-year old male Angus and although he'll growl at her - he usually has a treat or a bone that she wants - as soon as he looks away or ducks his head, she grabs his treat and runs off! We've never seen such a brave puppy as Emmie and in the yard she runs and tackles the older dogs and doesn't seem to understand she's just a puppy yet... she literally runs with the big dogs!


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VIolet Pepper EBEN-EZER (Call Name - "Pepper")

Violet Pepper EBEN-EZER (Call Name - "Pepper") is our second imported puppy from EBEN-EZER Kennel in the Czech Republic. Pepper comes from an impressive heritage and we are very excited to welcome her as our youngest Munsterlander to Mustain Kennels!