Welcome to our Puppy Page! Our mission is to breed healthy, stable Small Munsterlanders. We do so by making sure our females are certified to breed by meeting the SMCNA breed standards, their hips are rated “good” or “excellent” according to the OFA, or receive a reading of distraction index of less than .50 in PennHIP. We also require that our dogs excel in the NAVHDA testing system and commit to using only studs who excel in favorable hunting traits and test scores.

We promise to continue to support our buyers as the puppy grows and assist with training and preparing for the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test. We will only sell puppies to hunting homes to ensure that they grow up as active hunting dogs — which, after all, is what they love to do!

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Like any commodity where there is more demand than there is product, there will be people selling Small Munsterlander puppies that are not SMCNA registered or have breeding dogs that are not approved by the SMCNA. This may be due to the dogs having genetic defects which prohibited them from being approved by the SMCNA or from not scoring high enough or participating in required testing. Only by careful breeding and controlling litters will the Small Munsterlander breed continue to thrive as high-caliber versatile hunting dogs.

There are other Small Munsterlander clubs that are associated with various German clubs and even the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) will register litters of Small Munsterlanders, but they DO NOT adhere to the strict breeding criteria that the SMCNA does, so be careful of any breeders who do not have the SMCNA credentials when buying a puppy.

What is the Small Munsterlander Club of North America (SMCNA)? The SMCNA is the founding Club for Small Munsterlanders in North America whose purpose is to promote the responsible ownership of these dogs. From the beginning, its members chose to follow a path apart from that laid out by the AKC. Instead, the SMCNA adopted the philosophy of the German Club that only healthy dogs, that have a good temperament, that have demonstrated good fundamental hunting abilities and that within the FCI Standard for our dogs should be allowed to breed. The Breed Counsel examines each dog for conformity and proven excellent traits before allowing them to be certified to breed, in order to pass on the high quality traits that makes this breed healthy and outstanding hunting companions.

When you’re ready to purchase a Small Munsterlander, be sure to ask to see the breeding certificates issued for both parents when you’re considering the pup – certified SMCNA breeders will be happy to show you their breeding approval certificates. At Mustain Kennels we are proud of our dog’s accomplishments and will be happy to provide copies of certifications, testing results and awards to our buyers as well as copies of their pedigrees.

Our kennel is also listed as a Cooperating Breeder on the SMCNA website, which is also a good source of information when selecting a puppy from an approved SMCNA breeder.  We are also members and our kennel is registered with the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA).

So don’t settle for a puppy from a non-SMCNA breeder. For your convenience, we have a resource list of breeders we personally know and trust that have a track record of producing excellent puppies, just in case we don’t have the dog you’re looking for!