Robingun's Daenerys Storm von Etta (Call Name - "Daeny")

Born October 27, 2014

Daeny is from Robingun's "D" litter and came to our home from Nebraska just before Christmas 2014. She has an extremely sweet, mellow personality but at the same time is so intelligent it is scary! Her mother Etta was imported from Germany and her father Aico's semen was imported from the Netherlands, and the combination has produced an incredible Small Munsterlander! At less than 3 months old Daeny has already tracked and held steady on point for birds, is completely potty trained, fetches to hand and loves to ride in her kennel in the truck. She is quiet, never whines or cries, sits when offered a treat, knows her name and comes running when called! She is such an easy to train puppy and such a joy to own that we may have to make a trip to the Netherlands and get a few more of these!