WE ARE ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS FOR OUR FALL LITTERS.  We recently found out both Pepper and Trixie are pregnant with big litters so we will accept a few more reservations for these amazing fall litters as well as for our 2019 projected litters, but our list is filling up quickly so please call or email for more information. 

 PROJECTED LITTERS - Fall 2018 - Projected Litter #1


Pepper was imported from the Czech Republic, breeder Katerina Lisova, and she has exceeded our expectations - she has a strong desire to please and is very social, sweet and gentle (please see her bio under Our Dogs).  In the field she is unstoppable and scored a perfect 112 Prize I on her NA test and also won the SMCNA Bird Derby (Puppy Division) at the 2017 conference.  This will be Pepper's first litter and we are pairing her with a new SMCNA stud, this will be Jaeger's first litter as well.  Jaeger is a very dark roan and he has a sweet temperment and outstanding natural ability in the field.  We expect this litter to be exceptional!  Puppies due mid-Oct 2018.  We still have several openings for reservations for this outstanding litter!


Reg #: CLP/MMO/11280/16                       Reg #: 15092003 KlM
Imported from the Czech Republic            
Color: Brown/White                                     Color:  Roan
Height: 20.25"/51.5cm 
                               Height: 20.5"/ 52 cm 
Length: 22.25"/59cm                                   Length: 22 125"/ 56.2 cm 
Weight: 38 lbs                                               Weight: 43 lbs
NA: 112 Prize I age 1 year 2 months          NA: 112 Prize I Test age 12 months
N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-4 D-4 C-4
                       N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-4 D-4 C-4        
PennHIP: 0.29/0.32                                      PennHIP: 0.23/0.34

Sire: Hugo vom Munsterland                       Sire: Wolfsburgs Ember 
73, HZP 179,                                           11062002 KlM, NA: 112 Pr I
VGP:274 PI HD: HD-B, HQ: 0,92,                 OFA Good
Sg-V 54cm
Color: Brown/White                                      Color: Brown/White 

Dam:Ulla-Asta V Dijamanti
                          Dam: Gosch's Shimmer and Shake (Splash)
V1, CAC, Narodni vitez, BOB,                       11061606 KlM, NA 112 Pr I
 SZVP v I.ceně, PZ v I. ceně                          PennHIP: 0.32/0.22
Color: Brown/White 
                                     Color: Dark Roan

 PROJECTED LITTERS - Fall 2018 - Projected Litter #2

Fuglejaeger Trixer Jixer Judy (Trixie)  &  Uros EBEN-EZER (Utski)

Trixie was imported from Denmark, breeder Henrik Sogaard Jorgensen who owns Fuglejaeger Kennel in Denmark and Trixie’s dam Hedeskov’s Judy.  Trixie's sire is the international champion Pixer Jixer van de Chassanehof.  Trixie is very small but focused and determined in the field (please read more about Trixie under Our Dogs).  This will be Trixie's first litter and we are very excited about this pairing with our stud Uros EBEN-EZER.  Puppies due mid-Oct 2018.  We still have several openings for reservations for this outstanding litter!

Reg #: DK18995/2016 KlM                                        Reg #:CLP/MMO/11088/15 KlM
                                                                                        Uros is an import from Czechoslovakia

Color: Braunchimmel/Ticked                                      Color: Brown/White
Height: 21" / 52 cm                                                     Height: 21.75"/55.25cm
Length: 22" / 56 cm                                                    Length: 24.75"/ 63cm 
Weight: 38 lbs                                                              Weight: 65 lbs
NA: 105 Prize II age 1 year 2 months                       NA: 112 Prize I age 12 months
N-4 S-3 W-4 P-3 T-4 D-3 C-4                                     N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-4 D-4 C-4
                                                                                      UPT: 164 Pr II age 16 mos
                                                                                UT: 204 Pr I age 2 yrs 6 mos
PennHIP: 0.21/0.28                                                   PennHIP: 0.30/0.39

Sire: Pixer Jixer van de Chesannehof                       Sire: Jasko von der Wolfstange 
NHSB2897146 KlM                                                     VJP 70 HZP 178 VGP I V-V-55
KNJV B- diploma's (76 pnt) 
55 cm, HD-A                 Br/Wh 

Dam: Hedeskov's Judy                                               Dam: Ulla-Asta V Dijamanti
DK04783/2013 KlM HD-A                                          v, CAC,Narodni vitez, BOB


This will be Asia's 2nd litter and as of now we are undecided on a sire.  We may do a repeat breeding with Charly von der Emsau (Ka$h) or use the same stud as with Trixie, Gosch's de Hirsch Jaeger (projected litter #1) - we are awaiting SMCNA advice on which would be the nicest pairing.   Please see Asia's bio under Our Dogs - she is a shining star in our breeding program and no matter which sire is used, these puppies will be outstanding.

Reg #: 14011210 KlM
Color: Brown/White 
Height: 21.5" 54.5 cm 
Length: 23" 58 cm 
Weight: 52 lbs
NA: 112 Pr I 15 months of age
N-4 S- P-4 W-4 T-4 D-4 C-4
PennHIP 0.20 / 0.16 
Sire: Castiron's Flying Jet
NA 112 PI, UT 200 PII, PH .33/.28, Br/Wh
Dam:Gunwood's Gypsy v Hemi
NA 112 PI, OFA Good, B/W

SPRING 2019 

PROJECTED LITTERS - Spring 2019 - Projected Litter #1

Robingun's Daenerys Storm von Etta (Daeny) & Uros EBEN-EZER (Utski)

This is a repeat breeding between Daeny and Utski - we have bred these two beautiful dogs twice and the puppies were absolutely amazing - we are excited to repeat this breeding between these two outstanding dogs who are outstanding in the field and gentle, social dogs in the home.  

                         Daeny                                                                Utski

 Reg #: 14102703 KlM                       Reg #:CLP/MMO/11088/15 KlM
                                                             *Utzski is an import from Czechoslovakia
Color: Roan                                          Color: Brown/White 
Height: 20"/51cm                               
Height: 21.75"/55.25cm 
Length: 21 1/2"/54.5cm                    Length: 24.75"/ 63cm 
Weight: 45 lbs                                     Weight: 65 lbs
NA: 112 Pr I at 11 mos old                 NA: 112 Prize I age 12 months
N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-4 D-4 C-4             N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-4 D-4 C-4
                                                              UPT: 164 Pr II age 16 mos
                                                              UT: 204 Pr I age 2 yrs.6 mos
PennHIP: 0.25/ 0.25                           PennHIP: 0.30/0.39
Sire: Aico (Denmark)                           Sire: Jasko von der Wolfstange 
Dam: Wolfsburgs Etta Juwel              Dam: Ulla-Asta V Dijamanti