Mustain's Asia von Annalise

PROJECTED LITTERS - Fall 2017 - Due Date October 29th

Mustain's Asia Von Annalise (Asia) & Brushdale's All Guns Blazing (Angus)

We are excited about this upcoming litter between Aisa and Angus which is due October 29th.  Asia is brown/white and Angus is roan, which should result in a nice mix of brown/white and roan puppies.  Both Angus and Asia are strong hunters and these puppies are expected to be the same.  Unfortunately we have a full waiting list for this litter.

                       Asia                                           Angus

Reg #: 14011210 KlM                                       SMCNA Reg #: 10092803 KlM  
Color: Brown/White (B/W)                                 Color: Roan
Height: 21.5" 54.5 cm                                       Height: 20 3/8"/51.75 cm  
Length: 23" 58 cm                                            Length: 22.5"/57 cm              
Weight: 52 lbs                                                  Weight: 54 lbs
NA: 112 Pr I 15 months of age                         NA: 110 Prize I, 12.3 months of age
N-4 S- P-4 W-4 T-4 D-4 C-4                               N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-3 D-4 C-4
PennHIP 0.20 / 0.16                                         OFA: SMU-141G36M-NOPI (Good) report date 10/15/2013
Sire: Castiron's Flying Jet, B/W                         Sire: Charly Von Sandloh 05-0993 KIM
NA 112 PI, UT 200 PII                                      VJP 71,HZP 183,VGP 331 I,Sg-Sg-54, Roan
PennHip .33/.28                                            
Dam: Gunwood's Gypsy Annalise v Hemi            Dam: Gosch's Kathryn Die Jagerin
NA 112 PI, OFA Good, B/W                               NA 103 II, SMU-96G25F-NOPI, Br/Wh

*Asia has the second tightest hips in the SMCNA which means lower changes of hip dysplasia in her puppies!
*Angus took 3rd Place in the SMCNA 2013 Bird Derby - Hunter Division

PROJECTED LITTERS - Spring/Summer 2018 - Projected Litter #1

Violet Pepper EBEN-EZER (Pepper) & Brushdale's All Guns Blazing (Angus)

This will be Pepper's first litter pending SMCNA approval and she is our little superstar, so we're very excited to pair these two very gentle dogs who happen to also have intense hunting abilities.  

                          Pepper                                                                      Angus

PROJECTED LITTERS - Spring/Summer 2018 - Projected Litter #2

Robingun's Daenerys Storm von Etta (Daeny) & Uros EBEN-EZER (Utski)

This is a repeat breeding between Daeny and Utski - last year we bred these two beautiful dogs and the puppies were absolutely amazing - we are excited to repeat this breeding between these two outstanding dogs who are outstanding in the field and gentle, social dogs in the home.  

                             Daeny                                                                Utski

PROJECTED LITTERS - Spring/Summer 2018 - Projected Litter #3

Hunting Hill's Uma Abigale (Abi) & Brushdale's All Guns Blazing (Angus)

We have bred Abi and Angus several times and the puppies have been so nice that we have been asked by several buyers to have another litter between these two - and we agree Abi and Angus do produce outstanding puppies!  

                               Abi                                                                     Angus


PROJECTED LITTERS - Fall/Winter 2018 - Projected Litter #1

Mustain's Asia Von Annalise (Asia) & Charly von der Emsau (Ka$h)

Asia and Ka$h produced a really outstanding litter last year and we've had requests for a repeat breeding between these two so we are planning on a fall litter.  

                                     Asia                                                                  Ka$h


PROJECTED LITTERS - Fall/Winter 2018 - Sires Not Selected as of this Date:

Robingun's Daenerys Storm von Etta (Daeny)

Daeny is an outstanding hunting dog who is from the first litter produced in the US from frozen semen from the Netherlands.  Her coloring is very unique and her personality is quiet and gentle.  We will look for a sire that will complement her wonderful traits.

Violet Pepper EBEN-EZER (Pepper)

Pepper was imported from the Czech Republic, breeder Katerina Lisova, and she is exceeding our expectations - she has a strong desire to please and is very social, sweet and gentle.  In the field she is unstoppable and scored a perfect 112 Prize I on her NA test and also won the SMCNA Bird Derby (Puppy Division) at the 2017 conference.  We expect great things from Pepper and her offspring.


Fuglejaeger's Trixer Jixer Judy (Trixie)

Trixie was imported from Denmark, breeder HenriK Sogaaard Jorgensen, and this will be her first litter at 2 years old.  Trixie is very tiny and extremely amazing in the field and gentle in the home.  She loves children and will follow our grandson all over the yard, they are inseparable when he visits.  Trixie is named after her dam (Hedeskov's Judy) and her sire (Pixer Jixer von de Chesannehof).  Her breeding will pend SMCNA approval and we will carefully select a sire that will complement her many attributes.