Boarding Services

Mustain Kennels has boarding facilities for your dog providing a SAFE, CLEAN and PROTECTED environment while your dog is being trained (please see our training packages).  We DO NOT board dogs that are not in our traiing programs.

                  Give John a call to discuss at 816-868-7629.

Dogs are genetically social creatures and have a desire to be around other animals and humans during their stay away from their own human family while boarding/training, and we make sure boarded dogs are exercised and socialized with our Small Munsterlanders in a safe environment. As a home-based facility we can ensure your dog gets plenty of individual attention. We have a heated/air conditioned kennel with individual inside kennels divided by "anit-fight panels" for privacy, which lead to outside 12 x 12 kennels which lead to a fenced exercise yard.  But most of the time your dog will probably be sleeping in our house with the rest of the pack!

We have several fenced play yards and the 2+ acre grassy yard around our home is totally fenced as well for your dog’s protection. We also have 8+ additional acres to ensure your dog gets plenty of fresh air, exercise and daily walks. We have plenty of room to train your dog and hone their hunting skills at home, as well as access to public hunting grounds and lakes.

Boarding is all-inclusive with our training packages – we provide boarding, all meals, treats and plenty of fun and learning for your pup. Your puppy will learn quicker in a controlled, safe environment that makes learning fun and rewarding from an experienced trainer.


Our kennel has 6 individual interior kennels with privacy panels.  

There is a storage room, office area and an 10x16 puppy play room.       


We proudly display our dog's awards and certificates (above).         

The puppy play room has pictures of our past litters and blanket/sheet storage.


Above is Abi's kennel.        

Above is Angus's kennel.