Training Services

Mustain Kennels offers puppy training as well as Natural Ability preparedness:

  • Hunting Preparedness is basically “starter dog” training. This includes tracking, flushing, pointing, and retrieving, along with basic commands to develop your hunting partner’s natural abilities.  We recommend this training for 6-10 month old pups to hone their hunting skills and prepare them for the field and water.  Price depends on amount of time to train, usually 6-8 weeks.  Cost is $25/day plus the cost of birds.
  • We offer a special Puppy Training package to our puppy buyers of an additional 4 weeks of training and socialization (from 8-12 weeks) for an additional $100.00 per week. This includes potty training, basic commands, leash training, riding in cars, crate training plus a very basic introduction to Hunting Preparedness - into to birds, pointing, tracking.  This allows the pups additional time with mom in addition to our other adult dogs and puppies for optimal socialization.  
  • Natural Ability Test Preparedness – similar to Hunting Preparedness, this training will prepare your dog to take the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test as well as field and water training, basic commands, etc.  Price is $1,000 and includes registration for the NA test as well as transportation to the test site and John acting as handler during the test.

For more information on the above packages or to discuss other training needs, please call John at 816-868-7629 – we’ll be happy to discuss your training requirements and develop a program that fits your needs.

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