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Mustain's Asia von Annalise (Call Name - "Asia")

Born January 12, 2014 from Mustain's A-Litter

Asia is from our A litter between Ani our “perfect dog” and Castiron’s Flying Jet and she is very much like her mother and reminds us of Ani everyday.  But Asia is not the princess her mother was – she’s a rough and tumble tomboy who is probably the goofball of the bunch.  She is very vocal like a Husky and is also a tattle-tail.  She will come running up to us and whine and "talk" to us until we follow her and then it’s usually to find one of the younger dogs into something they shouldn’t be, and she’ll sit as I scold the bad dog and almost nod her head, as if to say “I told you so.” 

But in the field and water she becomes a relentless hunter like her mother, and she’s also inherited her mother’s gift of “air tracking” – Asia doesn’t track with her nose to the ground, rather she lifts her nose in the air and smells, and then runs towards the prey.  Asia easily scored a  perfect 112, Prize I on her NAVHDA Natural Abilty Test and is an amazing companion and hunter.

Asia had her hips tested by the PennHip method when she was 18 months old and her results were .2 on her left side and .16 on her right which means her hips are tighter than over 90% of all dogs in this group in the US.  She is also the second lowest scoring Small Munsterlander in the SMCNA which means her chances of getting any type of hip dysplasia or osteo arthrisis when she gets older are almost zero percent. This also means pups she will produce are more likely to be free from any hip dysplasia or hip disease as well.  

We retired Asia from breeding and she went to live with a dear friend in California who also owns one of our O-Litter pups but sadly after just 2 years she became sick and died.  We miss her, she was taken too soon and was a very special dog.  We know she lived a wonderful life and was very loved by both us and her new owner.  She produced some amazing puppies so she lives on in those beautiful dogs now.

Our A-Litter won a Breeder's Award from the SMCNA.  

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 Gunwood’s Gypsy Annalise v Hemi (Call Name Ani) Ani

Born June 15, 2011

  • Color: black/white
  • Height: 52 cm
  • Length: 60 cm
  • Weight: 47 pounds
  • Registration #: 11061507 KlM
  • NA 112 Prize I age 10.9 months
  • OFA SMU-138G24F-NOPI (Good)
  • SMCNA approved for breeding
  • From NAVDA and SMCNA breeders award litter Gunwood’s G Litter
  • Ani's Dam: Gunwood’s Cora v Kain
  • Ani's Sire:  VC Hunting Hills' Hemi

 A-Litter Sire:  Castiron's Flying Jet (Call Name Jet)    


Born 12/30/2011

  • Color: black/white
  • Height: 57cm
  • Length: 64cm
  • Weight: 56 lbs.
  • Registration #: 1112305 KlM
  • NA 112 Prize I age 7.6 mo. UT 200 Prize II age 1.9 years
  • PennHIP 0.33/0.28
  • SMCNA approved for breeding
  • Jet's Dam: Castiron's Bunch of Beans
  • Jet's Sire: Max vom Schützenknäpp


ASIA'S GrandPARENTS (Dam's side):

Born: January 17, 2007
Color: Brown/White

Hemi's Sire is VC Cody vom Appelbaumbach;  His Dam is VC Looses Jaika ("VC" means they have been awarded the Versatile Champion title).

NA 112 Prize I UT 204 Prize I Invitational 196 Pass
PennHIP .38/.32 NA 96 prize III PennHIP .41/.32

Gunwood G Litter: SMCNA Sire Award (Ani’s Litter - Gypsy)
Hunting Hill's J Litter: NAVHDA Breeders Sire Award 
Hunting Hills' Q Litter: SMCNA Sire Award


Born: April 4, 2003   Color: Roan

Sire is DeJong's Kain; Dam is Angelina von Turner
NA 96 prize III PennHIP .41/.32

Gunwood G Litter: SMCNA & NAVHDA Breeders Award Dam

Gunwood's Glimpses of Trixie V Hemi 112 Prize I
Gunwood's Graceful Hunter V Hemi 112 Prize I
Gunwood's Gunnar V Hemi 112 Prize I
Gunwood's Gypsy V Hemi (Ani)112 Prize I 



Cody wa imported from Germany by Hunting Hills Kennel.

**2012 SMCNA Hall of Fame;  **2007 SMCNA Dog of the Year

NA 112 Prize I UT 204 Prize I Invitational 196 Pass
Invitational 191 Pass
PennHIP .33/.33

Breed Awards:
Hunting Hills' F Litter: SMCNA Sire Award 
Hunting Hills' G Litter: SMCNA Sire Award 
Hunting Hills' H Litter: SMCNA Sire Award 
Hunting Hills' L Litter: SMCNA Sire Award 
Gosch's J Litter: SMCNA Sire Award
von Turner's D Litter: SMCNA Sire Award 
High On Kennel D Litter: SMCNA Sire Award kennel

Cody vom Apfelbaumbach was born in Germany on January 7, 2003. His breeder is Mr. Manfred Morber of Affalterbach/Pfaffenhofen Germany. This was the third litter of the vom Apfelbaumbach Kennel.

Read this article written about Cody


ASIA'S GREAT Great GRAND-Parents (Cody's Parents):                   

Cody vom Apfelbaumbach's Mother is Cindy von der Groben.  Her test scores are as follows:  

Zb.Nr. 96-0879 / 47868, VJP (70), HZP (170), VGP (314/ 2 PR), sil., Gebr.Kl. g-sg-55, Schimmel, HD-frei.                            

Cindy's Dam is Gina vom Ampertal.  Her test scores are:
Zb.Nr. 91-0249/41308, VJP (67), HZP (173), VGP (323/ 1 R), Sg-SG-52;  Braunschimmel, HD-Frei.  

Cindy's Sire is Oscar vom Falkenstein.  His test scores are:

Zb.Nr. 94-0293/44996, HN VJP (75), HZP (191), B-HZP (188), VGP (308/ 2 PR), Sg-V-56.  Braunschimmel, HD-Frei.    


Cody vom Apfelbaumbach's Father is Artus Vom Heckengau.  His test scores are as follows:  

Zb.Nr. 96-0380 / 47374, HN VJP (60),  HZP (186), VGP (317/ 1 PR), TF, Verweiser, sil.Gebr.Kl. V-V-53, braun-weis, HD-frei.                           

Artus's Dam is Anka zu Hallstein.  Her test scores are as follows:

Zb.Nr. 93-0314 / 43682, VJP (52),  HZP (176), VGP (333/ 1 PR), Gebr.Kl. V-Sg-53braunschimmel, HD-frei.    


Artus's Sure is Jupp von der Schaferheide.  His test scores are as follows:

Zb.Nr. 93-0305 / 43683, VJP (49),  VJP (70), HZP (176), VGP (320/ 2 PR), Gebr.Kl. Sg-Sg-54, braunschimmel, HD-frei.    





Born: November 8, 2004   Color: Brown/White

Jaika is Hunting Hill’s Kennel’s Danish import.  
Her test scores are:
NA 112 Prize I, UT 204 Prize I, Inv 194 Pass, VJP 66, PennHIP .43/.33

Breed Awards:
Hunting Hill's H Litter: NAVHDA Breeders Award dam 
Hunting Hill's L Litter: SMCNA Breeders Award dam
Hunting Hill's L Litter: NAVHDA Breeders Award dam
Hunting Hill's N Litter: SMCNA Breeders Award dam
Hunting Hill's N Litter: NAVHDA Breeders Award dam
Hunting Hill's H Litter: SMCNA Breeders Award dam

Jaika was born on November 8, 2004 from the Loose kennel in Denmark. Hans Loose is her breeder.  

Jaika's Dam (Ani's Great Grand-Dam) is Maika.
Jaika's Sire (Ani's Great Grand-Sire) is Trojborg's Joker.   

   Above:  Maika.                                                           Above:  Trojborg's Joker.




Born: May 22, 1997   Color: Brown/White

Angel's test scores are:
NA 96 Prize II;  OFA - Good  

Angel's Dam (Asia's Great Great-Grand-Dam) is Sebring's Brook
Color:  Brown/White    Born:  February 9, 1995
Test Scores:  NA 101 Prize II;  OFA - Good

Angel's Sire (Asia's Great Great-Grant Sire) is Jeiko vom Jakobsbrummen
Color:  Brown/White    Born:  November 24, 1985
Test Scores:  UPT 185 Prize III;  UT 187, Prize I;  Invitational 159;  OFA - Good



Born:  June 4, 1998     Color:  Roan

Thor's test scores are:
NA 112 Prize I;  UT 185 Prize I;  OFA - Good  

Thor's Dam (Ani's Great-Dam) is DeJong's Audi
Born:  June 12, 1990 Color:  Roan
Test Scores:  NA 108 Prize II;  UT 172 Prize III;  OFA - Good

Thor's Sire (Ani's Great-Great Grant Sire) is Eider vom Wolfsbau

Color:  Brown/White    Born:  December 10, 1990
OFA - Good



Jet's Sire: VC Max vom Schützenknapp (Max)
Max is imported from Germany

SMCNA Hall of Fame
SMCNA Sire Award for 7 Litters
Color: Brown/White
Height:  56 cm
Hips:  HD-A
Coat Conformation:  SG/SG (very good/very good)
NA 112 Pr I, UT 204 Pr I, INV 196-Pass

VJP: 75;  HZP: 190;  VGP 303 Pr I

Max's Sire:  Jago vom Buchenberg
Color:  Brown/Ticked

Max's Dam:  Fanny vom Schutzenknapp
Color:  Brown/White

Max was featured in the March 2015 edition of NAVHDA:


Jet's Dam: Castiron's Bunch of Beans
Whelped:   10/13/2006
Reg #:  SM-001969 
Color: Brown/White
Height:  56 cm
Hips:  HD-A

Mustain's Asia von Annalise