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Born October 27, 2014

Daeny is from Robingun’s “D” litter and came to our home from Nebraska just before Christmas 2014. She has an extremely sweet, mellow personality but at the same time is so intelligent it is scary! Her mother Etta is from Wolfsburg Kennel in Nebraska and her father Aico’s semen was imported from the Netherlands, and the combination has produced an incredible Small Munsterlander! At less than 3 months old Daeny was already tracking and would hold steady on point for birds, fetched to hand and loved to ride in her kennel in the truck – we were so happy with this sweet little girl who was quiet, never whined or cried, sat when offered a treat, knew her name and came running when called!

Fast forward a few years and Daeny is still an easy to train, highly intelligent, quiet, sweet girl and such a joy to own! But in the field that sweet disposition disappears and she becomes relentless, a tireless hunter/tracker/retriever that has exceeded our expectations! Daeny is certified by the SMCNA as an approved breeding dog and her puppies have been and will continue to be outstanding, with her strong natural abilities and sweet personality.


Reg #: 14102703 KlM
Color: Roan
Coat: Dense, Soft
Height: 20″/51cm; Length: 21 1/2″/54.5cm; Weight: 45 lbs
NA: 110 Pr I at 11 mos old – N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-3 D-4 C-4
PennHIP: 0.25/ 0.25


Sire: Aico (Netherlands via frozen semen)
Dam: Wolfsburg Etta Juwel – NA 102 PII at 11 mos; UPT 175 Pr I; UT 184 Pr III; , OFA Good

“Daeny is a feminine looking brown/white female. Her build is on the stocky side and her proportions are slightly on the square side. Her head proportions are correct. She has a nice ear set, and light to medium color eyes. Nice solid neck that flows into the body well. Front angulation is a little steep. Front legs are straight and parallel. Her chest depth and length are very good. Back line is a little weak, as the top of her hips are slightly above her withers. Her croup is steep and tail set low. Her rear angulation is straight. Rear legs are straight and parallel. Her paws are hair like.  Nice healthy looking coat. Shiny and lays flat. Furnishings are excellent with exception on forelegs a little long. Overall coat is near excellent.”