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Born May 13, 2019


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  • NAVHDA NA Test
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Mina is a beautiful roan girl we kept from our M-Litter between Pepper and Ronko.  She is extremely gentle and sweet like both of her parents but she has a stronger drive (which is saying a lot because both Pepper and Ronko are machines in the field!).  Mina was the runt of the M-Litter and was barely 2 oz when she was born and she had no fur, you could see the bones in her legs and she was so tiny I could hold her in the palm of my hand and she was just dwarfed – Pepper had 13 pups with the M-Litter and almost all the pups were good-sized except for Mina.  We took the pups to our vet at 3 days old to get their dew claws removed (we don’t do that anymore but that’s a different conversation) and our vet said he didn’t think she would live, she was fully developed internally but just so tiny in a big litter he felt she wouldn’t make it.  But that was enough to make John more determined that she would, so he fed her around the clock every 2 hours by taking Pepper out of the whelping box and feeding Mina separately so she could nurse until she fell asleep, and by 2 weeks old she was still small but able to fight for her own teat, and I mean she would just hang on and the other pups couldn’t push her off!  So she may have gotten her “don’t give up” attitude from her early start in life and having to work hard for everything when competing with her bigger littermates!   And we realized as she grew what an amazing personality she had and also beautiful conformation and structure for breeding, only in a smaller package as she stayed a petite little Munster as she grew.

Mina is super fast, she runs down squirrels that are unlucky enough to come into our yard and catches them by the back of the neck and kills them.  She’s amazing in the field as evidenced by her Prize I on her NAVHDA NA test, she hunts close in and comes back to check in often and like all our dogs has an incredible nose.  But she’s also a huge cuddler and loves to snuggle close at night when most of the other dogs will start off in bed with us but then leave to find their own comfortable spot, Mina will stay close to us.  And we call her our little nurse – she will go to each of our dogs at night and lick their eyes and ears like she’s getting them ready for bed (this is a sign of high socialization found in animals such as wolves who live together in packs) and if one of the dogs is hurt she will lick their cuts and is very attentive to them!

Mina has grown into a beautiful female and we are proud to have her in our breeding program.  Her SMCA breeding evaluation is below:

  • Mina is a nice attractive roan female. Her height is correct but her height to length ratio is long at 1-1.15. She has average bone and muscle mass. Her head looks feminine with correct proportions, her eyes are medium brown, her ears set is low with a strong muzzle. She has a well muscled neck with good taper. Her front angulation is very good with legs set correctly under her body. Front lower legs looks a little short proportionate to her upper body. Front legs straight and parallel. Front feet straight and tight with nice thick pads. Excellent straight top line that slopes to a nice correct pelvis and tail set. She has very good rear angulation that is well balanced with the front. Rear lower legs a little short as well but again balanced with the front. VG width of thigh. Rear legs straight and parallel. Rear feet straight and tight with nice thick pads. Healthy looking dense medium length coat that lays flat and tight to the body with very good furnishings.