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Born March 14, 2016

Pepper was imported from the Czech Republic – after owning Utski for a year we knew we wanted another puppy from these incredible genetics so we again partnered with Czech breeder Katerina Lisova and brought 4 puppies to the US at 10 weeks old, keeping Pepper.

Like her half-brother, Pepper is simply exceptional.  Her personality is very gentle, so submissive that she rolls over on her back when she greets us.  She is a happy girl who loves to play and we often find her in the puppy area playing and sleeping with the pups.  Pepper loves to play and wrestle with the pups and is very gentle and loving to the little ones.  Pepper is one of the first dogs we introduce puppies to when we begin socialization because we know she is so gentle.

But also like her half-brother Utski (same mother, different sires), Pepper is just exceptional in the field, eager to please and trains easily, only having to show her what you want once or twice.  She received a perfect 112 score, Prize I on her NA test at 14 months and also won first place at the SMCNA 2017 Bird Derby (puppy division) at 15 months.  Pepper continues to surprise and delight us with her sweet nature in the home and ferocious tenacity in the field and will be a shining star in our breeding program.