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Born July 7, 2017

Ronko is an imported roan male who is a shining star in our breeding program – he is absolutely stunning with a dark roan and white coat and beautiful brown eyes that are very dark.  His conformation is excellent and his disposition is so very sweet and quiet, he’s very similar to Angus as a pup but dare I say it…. Cuter!!  Ronko and Trixie are half brother/sister, having the same sire but different dams, however they are very different.  Trixie is high energy and Ronko is very laid back and easy going – but they both love to carry around stuffed animals at all times (must be a Netherlands-thing!).

Ronko was imported from Denmark, from breeder Rasmus Mikkelsen Thuesen, owner of Svalegaarden Kleiner’s Kennel and Ronko’s mother Bonny.  His sire is Pixer Jixer van de Chesannehof who has Dutch, Belgium, Swedish and International Champion titles.  His owners are Maurice Coenen and Peggy Dautzenberg.  It was a wonderful experience working with these lovely people and their beautiful dogs and Ronko and his brother Buster arrived safely in the US without any problems.  Ronko is already excelling in the field and water and is doing an excellent overall job!  He is a happy, eager to learn dog and we are looking forward to Ronko growing and becoming a valuable part of our family and breeding program.