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Born April 16, 2015

Uros (Utski, pronounced Yoot-skee) was imported from the Czech Republic and was our first import experience.  We partnered with Pam Robinson from Robingun Kennels and had a great deal of help from Tom McDonald who owns Wolfsburg Kennels in Nebraska and we are thankful to both of them for their help and sharing valuable information on how to import.  We brought both Utski and his brother Ukon to the US from breeder Katerina Lisova who has become a dear friend and owns CHS Kasta Bohemia Kennels in the Czech Republic.

Utski is a shining example of not only a Munsterlander but any well-bred/trained gun dog.  From a young age he excelled at everything, his natural abilities are so sharp that when hunting him at a tournament when he was just 9 months old, people thought he was 2+ years old as he out-performed many dogs who were older and more experienced.  His natural abilities take over in the field and he just needs direction and gentle guidance and he “gets it.”


When not if the field, Utski is a very gentle, sweet male.  He loves any kind of physical contact and is happy to just sit next to John in the truck for a ride or by his chair, always having to be close and touching him with a paw or leaning against him. When strangers meet him they are surprised by how gentle he is because he’s a larger Small Munsterlander and very muscular, so he initially looks intimidating until he starts to play fetch or sits quietly and want to be petted.  Utski is on the high side of the standard for height and weight but is extremely agile which surprises people when they see him work.  We don’t know if these amazing qualities are from his exceptional lineage, coming from outstanding champions many generations back, or just the nature and abilities from dogs imported from the “motherland,” but we are sold on imports and have had to have a few more!

Utski comes from a long line of champions and exceptional Munsterlanders.  His mother has been on the cover of the German KLM magazine and is simply beautiful. Her sire, from Austria, was a European champion, winning the title over 240 other Munsterlanders and Utski’s sire Jasko is a German champion.  Utski and his brother Ukon have the only genetics from this outstanding pairing in the US, coming from a litter of 3 and the Jasko’s owner kept the only female so she is in Germany.

Utski has excelled at a young age on all of his NAVHDA tests – perfect score 112 on the Natural Ability test at 12 months; Prize II (missed Prize I by 1 point…) on his Utility Preparedness Test (UPT) at 16 months and a perfect 204 score, Prize I on his Utility Test.  Utski was invited to run the NAVHDA Invitational for a chance to win the title of Versatile Champion (VC), however didn’t pass in 2018.  Even so, this dog makes us so very proud with his mighty accomplishments at such a young age.

Utski is certified by the SMCNA as an approved breeding dog and has sired several litters of simply exceptional puppies – we’re not sure if that’s due to our puppy training program or just the genetics, but Utski has proven to be a very valuable asset of our breeding program!


  • Reg #:CLP/MMO/11088/15
  • KlM – Utski is an import from
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Color: Brown/White  Coat: Dense, Medium
  • Harsh
  • Height: 21.75″/55.25cm; Length: 24.75″/63cm; Weight: 65 lbs
  • NA: 112 Prize I age 12 months – N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-4 D-4 C-4
  • UPT: 164 Pr II age 16 mos
  • UT: 204 Pr I age 29 mos
  • PennHIP: 0.30/0.39

Sire: Jasko von der Wolfstange (Germany) – VJP 70 HZP 178 VGP I V-V-55 Brown/White
Dam: Ulla-Asta V Dijamanti (Czech Republic) – CAC,Narodni vitez, BOB

“Utski is nice solid muscular looking male. His height is within standard, but his body length is on the long side. He has a broad masculine looking head with correct proportions. Eye color is light brown. His ear set looks to be average, but good considering his broad head. Flews look to be nice and tight. Nice well-muscled neck that flows nicely into his back. His front and rear angulation are very good and well balanced. His front and rear legs are straight and parallel. Feet also look pretty straight. Good muscle mass in front shoulders and thighs. Nice deep chest with very good length and tuck. Very nice level top line. Croup is a little steep and rounded, but his tail set looks good. Very nice dense coat with good length. Excellent furnishings with exception to his ears which are lacking.”