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Brushedale's All Guns Blazing (Call Name - "Angus")

Angus is a calm and well mannered dog in the house who is happiest when he’s laying close to John. He is gentle with the other dogs and family members, loving and very laid back.  Angus has an abundance of patiece with children or strangers who want to pet him, grab him or hug him in shopping malls or stores as well as at home. However, his sweet nature changes dramatically in the field where Angus becomes an intense hunter, nose to the ground with a beautiful point, tail straight up and feathered. Angus is a quick learner and is eager to please and passed his NAVHDA Natural Abilty Test when he was 12 months old with a Prize I. Angus is certified by the SMCNA as an approved breeding dog and his distinguished pedigree and fierce hunting abilities made him a sought-after SMCNA-approved stud dog.

Angus is now retired from breeding and loving life with the rest of our dogs with daily walks in the woods and occasional hunting trips, although he now has arthritis and it takes him a few days to recover, he always is ready to go!  Angus sired several beautiful litters during his time as our main stud and he was a valuable part of our early breeding program.  

Family history

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Angus's Pedigree

Angus's Parents:

Sire: Charly Von Sandloh

Charly was born in Germany but came to the US in November 2007. He was trained and tested in Germany and completed his HZP in September of 2007 with a score of 183. His coat and form is very good (VG). In October 2007 he ran in the GVP at the age of twenty-two months and scored 331 - Prize I. He is a very balanced dog with a pleasing personality. Charly comes from Benn x Uleika (see below) second litter together, which says a lot in Germany - a repeat breeding in Germany only happens when the previous litter produced outstanding dogs.  All dogs in Charly's pedigree are Hip Dysplashia-free.

Whelped: December 13, 2005; Color: Brown/White

VJP 71, HZP 183, VGP 331 Pr I
Conformation: Sg-Sg-54
Hips: HD-Frei

2011 for Brush Dale’s B-Litter
2010 for Bilstar’s B-Litter
2009 for Tru Point’s A-Litter

Dam: Gosch’s Kathryn Die Jagerin (KD)

Angus’s dam, Kathryn Die Jagerin (“KD” pronounced “kay-dee"), is from Brush Dale Kennels in Iowa, and is from the Sengpiel line of Munsters. KD is a seasoned, hard-hunting guide dog as well as a patient, calm, and loving household companion. KD was born on January 14, 2007.
     NA Test - 103, Prize II
     UPT Test - 122

Angus's GrandParents (Charly's Parents):

Sire: Benn vom Bernstein

Charly's sire, Angus’s Grandfather, is Benn Vom Bernstein. Benn is an outstanding hunter and his GVP score of 331/ which is an indication of his overall ability. His structure score was good and his coat was scored excellent.  

Dam: Uleika aus der Wolfskammer

Charly’s dam, Angus’s Grandmother, is Uleika aus der Wolfskammer. Her GVP score was 324/ with the body structure score of very good and the coat score of excellent. Information received from her owner indicates she has been a producer of outstanding offspring and a real pleasure to hunt.

 Angus's Grandparents (KD's parents):

Sire: Brendan Boy v Omeara/Sengpiel

KD's sire, Angus’s grandfather, Brendan Boy v Omeara/Sengpiel (Buddy), is from the Sengpiel line of Munsters and has been extensively tested in NAVHDA including a Prize I in Natural Ability, Utility, and he also ran in the 2000 Invitational and qualified for the 2002 Invitational, but didn't run. The Sengpiel line has made important contributions to the Small Munsterlander breed in North America.  Buddy's father, Jeiko vom Jakobsbrunnen (Fritz) was imported from Germany and was the first Small Munsterlander to earn a Prize I in the NAVHDA Utility Test and the first Munster to run the NAVHDA Invitational.  Fritz was also the SMCNA Dog of the Decade for the 1990's.
NA 108;  UT 199;  Invitational 151

Dam: Anna vom Haus Hessling

KD's dam, Angus’s grandmother, is Anna vom Haus Hessling, who was imported from Germany in 2002.  Anna was born November 18, 2001.


Download Angus's pedigree here


Angus is gentle, loving and very laid back. In the field, he becomes an intense hunter, nose to the ground with a beautiful point, tail straight up and feathered. He is a quick learner, eager to please and passed his NAVHDA Natural Abilty Test when he was 12 months old with a Prize I. Angus is certified by the SMCNA as an approved breeding dog and his distinguished pedigree and fierce hunting abilities make him a sought-after SMCNA-approved stud dog.

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Ani was the “perfect dog” and was sometimes used during conformation training because of her perfect proportions and Small Munsterlander features. She was extremely intelligent and understood almost immediately what was expected of her. She was a relentless tracker and retriever in the field. Ani rarely tracked with her nose to the ground, rather she lifted her nose and smelled the air, and would then run towards the prey. Ani scored a 112, Prize I on her NAVHDA Natural Abilty Test when she was only 10 months old.

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Abi is Miss Personality Plus. She is high energy and relentless in the field - she can go all day and never wants to stop. At home, Abi is a sweet and loving dog who likes to snuggle in bed, play fetch and is eager to please, catching on quickly to new commands and expectations. she scored a Prize I on her NAVHDA Natural Ability test the first time. Abi loves the water and she is as good a hunter/tracker/retriever as Angus who is a few years older. Abi is approved by the SMCNA for breeding and has produced 4 litters to date. She is truly a beautiful, exceptional dog.

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Asia is from our A litter between Ani our “perfect dog” and Castiron’s Flying Jet and she is very much like her mother and reminds us of Ani everyday. She is a rough and tumble tomboy who is probably the goofball of the bunch. She is a true athlete and is always very anxious to learn tricks and perform, and also loves to do agility work. Asia easily scored a perfect 112, Prize I on her NAVHDA Natural Abilty Test and is an amazing companion and hunter.

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Daeny is from Robingun's "D" litter and came to our home from Nebraska just before Christmas 2014. She has an extremely sweet, mellow personality but at the same time is so intelligent it is scary! Her mother Etta was imported from Germany and her father Aico's semen was imported from the Netherlands, and the combination has produced an incredible Small Munsterlander! At less than 3 months old Daeny has already tracked and held steady on point for birds, is completely potty trained, fetches to hand and loves to ride in her kennel in the truck. She is quiet, never whines or cries, sits when offered a treat, knows her name and comes running when called!

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Utski was imported from the Czech Republic and is a shining example of not only a Munsterlander but any well-bred/trained gun dog. From a young age he excelled at everything, his natural abilities are so sharp that when hunting him at a tournament when he was just 9 months old, people thought he was much older as he out-performed many dogs who were older and more experienced. Utski is a very gentle, sweet male from a long line of champions and exceptional Munsterlanders.

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Violet Pepper EBEN-EZER - "Pepper"

Pepper was imported from the Czech Republic and after owning Utski for a year, we knew we wanted another puppy from these incredible genetics. Like her half-brother, Pepper is simply exceptional. Her personality is very gentle, so submissive that she will crawl instead of jumping when she greets us. She is a happy girl who loves to play and we often find her in the puppy area playing and sleeping. eager to please and trains easily, only having to show her what you want once or twice. She won first place at the SMCNA 2017 Bird derby (puppy division) at 15 months and continues to surprise and delight.

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Trixie is a perfect name for this little girl, because she reminds us of a Pixie - tiny and very beautiful, quick, high energy and so very sweet! Trixie is our first import from Denmark and it was a wonderful experience. Trixie is still very young and is now just coming into her own with training. She loves to fetch and her drive is out of this world. She also loves the water and combined with her drive and energy John says if he threw a bull elephant into a lake she would find a way to fetch it back. She is tiny but is going to be a powerhouse!

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Rocky is our Danish import from Svalegaardsen's Kleiner Kennel, owner/breeder Rasmus Mikkelsen Thuesen. Rocky is an outstanding male with beautiful coloring and very dark brown eyes. He is so sweet and loving and very smart. He immediately got the other dogs to fall in love with him and all the girls love to play with him - he especially likes to lay on the floor and wrestle. Although still just a pup, he's learning quickly and loves to fetch and is already pointing birds - still working on retrieving! We are so very happy to have Rocky in our family!

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