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Hunting Hill’s Uma Abigale (Call Name – “Abi”)

Born April 10th, 2013

Abi is Miss Personality Plus. She is high energy and relentless in the field - she can go all day and never wants to stop. At home, Abi is a sweet and loving dog who likes to snuggle in bed, play fetch and is eager to please, catching on quickly to new commands and expectations. Abi looks very similar to her grandmother Hunting Hills Lexi, with her beautiful roan coloring and like her parents and grandparents, she is a champion in the making. Abi has proved herself quick to catch on to all training and was ready to take her NAVHDA Natural Ability test at 6 months but we decided to wait until she was a little older to officially test her and she scored a Prize I on her NAVHDA Natural Ability test the first time.  Abi loves the water and she is as good a hunter/tracker/retriever as Angus who is a few years older. Abi is approved by the SMCNA for breeding and has produced 4 litters to date.  

Abi is truly a beautiful, exceptional dog and gave us some beautiful litters.  She's retired from breeding now and lives with her new owner in Chicago where she is very spoiled and loved and we see pictures of her often!

Family history

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Abi's Pedigree


Abi's Parents:

Sire: Goodman’s Eagle Point Emery (Rocky)

Rocky's Sire: Jake vom Goldbrink
Rocky's Dam: Goodman’s Eagle Point Bailey
NA: 112 Prize I; OFA: SMU-94G31M-VPI

Dam: Hunting Hill’s Piper (Piper)

Piper's Sire: Jerry vom Buckenberg
Piper's Dam: Hunting Hill’s Lexi
NA 96 Prize III; PennHIP: 0.21/0.21



Abi's GrandParents (Piper's Parents):

Sire:  Jerry vom Buchenberg (Zip)
Color: Dark Roan
Whelped: 10/10/05

NA 112 Pr I, UT 196 Pr I, INV 181 NP,
VJP: 71 HZP: 175
Hips: PennHip .39/.26
Sire: Arko - VJP 70, HZP 194, VGP 366/1 PR/UF, Sg-Sg-56 HD-Frei, Roan
Dam: Hexe vom Eulenfelsen - VJP 74, HZP 185, Sg-V-51 HD-Frei, Hellschimmel


Dam:  Hunting Hill’s Lexi

Sire is VC Cody vom Apfelbaumbach;  Dam is VC Looses Jaika (*See Family History under "Our Dogs - Ani")
NA 112 prize I
PennHIP .39/.29
Hunting Hill's P Litter: SMCNA & NAVHDA
Breeders Award dam

Lexi is a roan female born on December 29, 2008 from the Hunting Hills' Kennel in Brainard, NE. Her dam is VC Looses Jaika and her sire is VC Cody vom Apfelbaumbach. As a puppy she was happy, calm, and even tempered puppy that was a bold quick learner like her brother Hemi. Lexi has her mothers and fathers staunch intense points, has a very keen nose, and is a reliable retriever as you can tell by her maximum score in her NA test. Her brother Hemi is also a NAVHDA Versatile Champion like their mother and father.


Abi's GrandParents (Rocky's Parents):


Sire:  Jake vom Goldbrink (Jake)
Color: Brown/White
Whelped: 6/23/03

NA 112 Prize I, UT 196 Prize I, INV NP
Sire:  Moritz von der Teufelbruske - VJP 68, HZP 180, VGP 280 Prize III, Sg-V-56, HD-Frei
Color:  Brown/White
Dam:  Inka vom Goldbrink - VJP 63, HZP 175, VGP 323 Prize I, Sg-Sg-54, HD-Frei
Color:  Brown/White


Dam:  Goodman's Anika
Color: Brown/White
Whelped: 1/1/2001
Sire:  Iran Z Florianova Dvora - Born March 7, 1995
UT 182 Prize II
Color:  Brown/White
Dam:  Asta Z Macholova Dvora - Born May 26, 1995
Color:  Brown/White