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Fuglejaeger Trixer Jixer Judy - Call Name "Trixie"

Born October 19, 2016

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Trixie is a perfect name for this little girl, because she reminds us of a Pixie – tiny and very beautiful, quick, high energy and so very sweet!  Trixie is our first import from Denmark and it was a wonderful experience with both sire and dam breeders, Henrik Sogaard Jorgensen who owns Fuglejaeger Kennel in Denmark and Trixie’s dam Hedeskov’s Judy, and her sire Pixer Jixer van de Chassanehof’s owners Maurice Coenen and Peggy Dautzenberg from the Netherlands.  We were so very fortunate to have been able to import such an in-demand puppy from these outstanding parents.

Trixie loves to fetch and her drive is out of this world.  She has the adorable habit of always having a stuffed animal in her mouth, even when she’s running.  When she eats she will set the toy next to her bowl and then pick it up as soon as she’s finished, however the down-side is that sometimes when she drinks she drops the toy into the water and drinks around it!  She also loves the water and combined with her drive and energy John says if he threw a bull elephant into a lake she would find a way to fetch it back.  She is tiny but is going to be a powerhouse!

Trixie scored a Prize II on her NAVHDA NA test at 12 months old but that was mainly due to her high drive and exceptional nose that got her into trouble with other bird smells in the area… and a Prize II is still excellent! We plan to test her as far as she can go and we are confident that with a little more maturity she will get exceptional scores on future tests – she has the natural ability and drive, she just needs a little more experience.

Trixie has been approved by the SMCNA for breeding and we are looking forward to her becoming an important part of our breeding program!