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Upcoming litters


Please call or email for more information about our upcoming litters at 816-868-7621 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Fall 2020- Projected Litter between Daeny and Ronko:

Litter #1 

Robingun's Daenerys Storm von Etta (Daeny) & Svalegaarden Kleiner’s Ronko

This is a repeat breeding between Daeny and Ronko.  Daeny is from Robingun Kennels and was the first litter to be born in the US using imported semen from the Netherlands.  Ronko is imported from Denmark and comes from an amazing line of champions.  Unfortunately we have a full reservation list but are still taking a few backup reservations for this litter!


                         Daeny                                                                Ronko

 Reg #: 14102703 KlM                      Ronko is imported from Denmark
Color: Heavy Ticked                            Color: Roan
Height: 20"/51cm                               
Height: 20 7/8" / 53cm
Length: 21 1/2"/54.5cm                    Length:  23.5" / 60cm
Weight: 45 lbs                                     Weight: 49.8 lbs

NA: 112 Pr I at 11 mos old                 NA: 112 Prize I 
N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-4 D-4 C-4             N-4 S-3 W-4 P-3 T-1 D-3 C-3
PennHIP: 0.25/ 0.25                           PennHIP: 0.30/0.36
Sire: Aico (Netherlands)                     Sire: Pixer Jixer van de Chesannehof (Denmark)
Dam: Wolfsburgs Etta Juwel              Dam: Svalegaarden Kleiner’s Bonny (Denmark)

Fall 2020

Litter #2

Violet Pepper EBEN-EZER & Svalegaarden Kleiner’s Ronko

This is a repeat litter with Ronko.  Pepper is imported from the Czech Republic and has an impressive pedigree with European champions.  Ronko's sire has champion titles in 7 European countries. 
Unfortunately we have a full reservation list but are still taking a few backup reservations for this litter!

                           Pepper                                                                          Ronko

 Reg #: CLP/MMO/11280/16 KLM                               Ronko is imported from Denmark
                                                                                          Reg # DK 14041/2-017 KIM
Color: Brown/White                                                       Color: Roan
Height: 20.25"/51.5cm                                                 Height: 20 7/8" / 53cm
Length: 22.25"/59cm                                                    Length:  23.5" / 60cm
Weight: 38 lbs                                                                Weight: 49.8 lbs

NA: 112 Pr I at 14 mos old                                           NA: 91 Prize III 
N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-4 D-4 C-4                                       N-4 S-3 W-4 P-3 T-1 D-3 C-3
PennHIP: 0.29/ 0.32                                                    PennHIP: 0.30/0.36
Sire: Hugo vom Munsterland                                      Sire: Pixer Jixer van de Chesannehof
(Germany)                                                                    (Denmark)

Dam: Ulla Asta V Dijamanti                                        Dam: Svalegaarden Kleiner’s Bonny
(Czech Republic)                                                         (Denmark)  


2021+ Litters

We have a new generation of beautiful females who we hope will grow into excellent SMCA approved dogs with impressive bloodlines to continue to provide our customers with high-quality Small Munsterlanders.  Please meet Mina, Phoenix and Skylar:

 Mina von Ronko.  Mina is our M-Litter pup from Pepper and sired by Ronko.  She has been ready for her NA test since 5 months old and will take it this fall (due to COVID-19).  Mina is a very loving, sweet girl but all business in the field, where she gets her intensity from her parents.  Mina is roan like her sire Ronko but has a beautiful feminine face like her mother Pepper. 


D-Phoenix Dragan V. Dijamanti Nix is imported from Serbia from breeder Dragan Milicev Sumar and her lineage is off the charts.  She's scarey smart and just amazing - can't wait to see all she accomplishes as she gets older.  We are so impressed with Phoenix that we have requested 2 more females from Dragan Milicev Sumar's next pairing of the same parents this fall.  We can possibly import 2 more pups so please contact us if you're interested in an amazing line and an imported pup.

Brushdale's Fatal Beauty.  Skylar (Skye) is a beautiful roan girl who is quiet and sweet and you hardly know she's around until she's in the field and then she comes alive and is just phenomenal for her age, her natural ability is amazing.  Her lineage includes the same relatives of our Ronko and Trixie.

Please check back for updates on our newest girls and you can see more pictures/updates on all of our Munsterlanders on our FB page at