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Guiding Services

Guiding Services

Hunting is John’s passion and his dogs will make any trip you plan more productive. Our Small Munsterlanders hunt upland birds, waterfowl and rabbits. Available for half day or full day local hunting and longer trips out of state. Packages available to include dogs and/or meals. Please call for more information and prices.

Read about our 2014 South Dakota trip here

A big thank you to Ben Sutton and my good friend Ken Hamele on the kind words they sent regarding our recent hunting trip to Bartlett, NE.

Ben wrote:

"Wonderful trip gents. Here's how I chop up my rationale for doing this again with this crew - 5% for downed birds, 20% for camaraderie, 20% for the dogs and 55% for Mustain's cooking."

Thanks Ben - let's do it again soon!